Spiritual Reading: Week of May 27 – June 2

This weeks energies are about riding the wave of upheaval that was reflective of the global events of last week. What that means is that allowing yourself to just sit with the new energy that was voiced and created, rather than stirring the pot more and more. Just like an actual pot of soup, the more continuous stirring, the more it’s likely to just spill over and make a mess. And so too with this new energies – sometimes it’s necessary to stir, and sometimes it’s necessary to just let the new sit and take hold of itself.

The first theme at the beginning of this week centers around how to express oneself in a more creative manner. This energy calls for thinking and going ‘outside’ the box in all ways and stretch yourself beyond what the logic and linear dictate. Far too often we sit in these mental spaces of what should be, rather than just letting things be. Being status quo, and staying in the confines of the box may appear to be safe, but allowing yourself to go beyond the safety zone, can also feel fearful as well. But … you will never know what you can accomplish or what else exists, until you choose to step beyond your set boundary.

The second theme Clairvoyance-goes right along with the first, by the appearance of Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the Angel of Protection, Grace, and Peace. There has so much chaos that ensued in these last few weeks, including voices raised, noise made, and opinions known, that in the middle of all of this it is easy to get caught up in the storm, and get energetically absorbed and lost in its quagmire. Michael wants you to know that it is necessary to take a few moments, remove yourself from this energetic debris, and clear off anything that unnecessary for you – whether it’s opinion, belief, thought, emotion, or whatever that is weighing you down.  In part due to media of all kinds, it’s far too common to become embroiled or drawn into verbal or mental chaos, with the result of this energetic debris left sticking to you. This residue gets carried around and can manifest itself for you as a heaviness, sadness, or sudden changes in mood. So Michael is saying here to take some time and remove yourself from the busy-ness and clear off all those cobwebs and excess stuff – all you need to do, to release this is call on Michael, and simply ask that anything that is no longer serving you, and let it be released. And it’s perfectly alright to ask Michael to do this on your behalf too. All you need to do is give permission to let it go.

The final piece of this week revolves around the concept of Mirrors. The image of the Mirror has come forward in this reading to put the message out that what you are is what you attract to yourself. The message here is not to talk about laws of attraction, but to learn to accept what is, right in front of you. However, if there is difficulty in acceptance of self, what is it about you that you would like to change? The flipside of acceptance of self is judgment. Do you find yourself judging others? Do you judge yourself? Or … do you judge others but may not see that the very same that you judge others for is reflective within yourself as well?  Judgment pushes away all the things that you most desire, and kindness antidotes that. All change begins with you. As Michael Jackson said in his song Man in the Mirror, “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change”.

Love, Olena/

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