Spiritual Reading: Week of May 20-26

This week starts off with a bang – essentially – just like the Big Bang. The energetic force that catapults this week is a highly charged, very active force. Mother Nature is at it again, waking up with a lot of volatile activity around the globe. The theme here is about waking up from slumber and bringing awareness to the fact that mankind has been asleep so to speak for far too long, and its time to rouse and get on with it, in a manner of speaking.

The first theme or image that comes forward as I tune into the Earth and Universal energies is the Sun. Just like the intense heat and energy that is emitted from this great Star, so too the energy from you is necessary to come forward now. You can liken this to waking up your Masculine energy. And the Masculine is all about Action!

So this week is a fantastic week to essentially get off your duff, and actually lay out a plan of action in whatever is pending, has lain dormant for however long, and actually doing it! Also the Sun is symbol of illumination. And equally, there will be moments this week where revelations will come to light, new information and awarenesses, new ideas and creative expression coming forward. If you have felt like you have been in a creative rut for a while, this week will be giving you the added push that you need to climb out of that space, and finally move forward.


The second theme this week surrounds working with others in a Cooperative manner. So in short, Cooperation takes front and center stage when it comes to operating in harmony with other people. Operating co-creatively is important, because it’s about letting go of the need to control, to run the show. Cooperation involves giving as well as receiving, about operating in a fair and kind manner, as well as finding compromise in push-pull situations.

A spirit animal or totem that reflects this Cooperative aspect is Dolphin. You can connect with Dolphin energy simply by closing your eyes, imaging Dolphin in front of you, and asking this beautiful being to help you being in harmony with the people surrounding you this week. As all spirit animals and beings, they are happy to help!

Until next week, have fun, and enjoy the spiritual ride – because that’s why were all here to begin with!

Love, Olena/

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