Channeling Michael Jackson

I want to confess that in about 6 months after his passing in 2009, Michael came to both Linda and I in a session that we did together. It was completely unexpected, but at that time, he was willing to ‘talk’. We, on the other hand, we’re not prepared to publicly post messages at that time, however, with consistent nudges from Spirit and of course, Michael, the time has come for that to happen. So on that note, we welcome Michael who has a lot to say … and at the end of the post, I encourage you to watch the video, which I believe captures Michael’s message and Spirit.


A Message from Michael Jackson (unedited)  (channeled via Linda Carter:

Linda:  I invite Michael Jackson for an informal chat with me.

Michael: Linda, it’s wonderful  you’re  wanting to chat with me. I have been waiting to have this chat with you! I know you’re coming from your heart with pure intention.   I’m glad you’re ready to sit with me as I have a message I know you will be able to deliver to mankind.  I have to be wary of who I visit with on the Earth plane. It is very different here in the most beautiful freeing form to be oneself without cruelty and judgement.   As you know I faced much of that in my laMichael+Jackson++The+Jacksons+Michael+Jacksonter years  in the 3D.

There are many on Earth who  hold true the value of your Earth, her plants, minerals, animals, sea creatures and divine innocent children. (Michael is showing himself as he used to twist his legs and spin just like an energy vortex on earth.)

Please people on Gaia go into your hearts and feel the Oneness of all. Feel how love can heal yourselves and others.  Imagine yourselves being of the plant and animal kingdoms welcoming the same love.   Love enables all to flourish and grow abundantly.  Be not in judgement of yourself for going forth with love and respect  for the land, the waters and all of the kingdoms making these environments their homes.  Go in peace as there’s no need or room for anger as we see harm done to this beautiful planet and some of its inhabitants.  Being a Steward of the land and waters is beautiful when done spreading the seeds of love and renewal.  Be not in judgement of those whose anger causes their insensitivity.  Be an example of peace and humility.

 Listen to the Native Elders of all lands as they have come forth with their teachings of the old ways that have kept the natural world alive and well for centuries. Pay attention to the news the new children have come with for they have wisdom and knowledge far beyond their comprehension .

I allowed much suffering in my life because of the judgements of others over my choices.  Learn from me as I see being an individual true to oneself and allowing love in is really why we came to these experiences.  Please allow  yourselves the opportunities to express yourselves in any way that feels good for you whether it be through dancing, singing, creating art, building, designing gardens – whatever your spirit desires.  Have fun.  Enjoy being  You in all you do.

There were and are so many beautiful people who came before who left messages of love and hope that are now being embraced even more.  Don’t let judgement get in the way of seeing the beauty before you whether it be the intricate design in a flower, the flight of a bird or the eyes of a child.  Dear people of this Universe my hope for you is to take the time to truly live in every moment. Some moments you’ll  learn much from while others are just amazing to experience – like gazing out at the Grand Canyon.  Make your life as magical as you can making  it a point to entertain joy.  It’s such a good feeling!  Don’t dance as fast as you can but dance!

Thank you for inviting me Linda. I know you and Olena have integrity and only wish to take my words for the good of all who will read them. Those who read them will be the ones who are connected to Gaia’s wellbeing. /Michael

Linda Carter is a Shamanic practitioner and Spirit Channel practicing out of Richmond Hill, Ontario. You can connect with her through the IndigoCrystalCoach™ page on Facebook and visit her website at


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