What can we Do to Lessen the Fear?

Unlike on September 11, 2001, when I was gripped to the television like millions of others, this past week I’ve been avoiding turning on the news, whether on television or internet. I’ve discovered that over time, energetically, the more immersed I’ve been in drama – whether it’s magazines, tv, internet, or outside of that, the more drama then shows up in my own life, and essentially creates more energetic chaos.

Sometimes its tempting to ‘tune in’ to the media because we want to know what is going on in the world, but I have to confess that I’ve also discovered that what I really need to know, it will show itself in time. And trusting what I get exposed to is on a ‘need to know’ basis, allows me to really be more in the moment, have a steadier and more consolidated energy, and less caught up in dramatic chaos.

Like the photo below, if you find yourself being gripped in fear, having anxiety or overwhelm well up, step way from the media. Turn off the TV, radio (if we still have them :-)), internet – and that includes Facebook feed sometimes, or phones. terrorismcartoon

I encourage you to step away from it as you need to, and step into a more nature environment to ground, to consolidate, to gather your energy back into yourself, and leave anything like fear, concern, worry, anxiety, etc.  outside of that energetic core.

In short, when you allow yourself to resonate with higher energy, there is no need for fear, separation, worry, pain, suffering, or even dis-ease.

PRAYER FOR TODAY:  Archangel Michael, overseer of all humanity, gently clear my energy of that which no longer serves me today, so that I may vibrate at my highest possible frequency at this time, and keep my heart to the experience and wisdom of God and Universal Consciousness. So Be It.

One comment on “What can we Do to Lessen the Fear?

  1. I encourage you to look up Mister Rodgers quote on traumatic events happening in the news. I don’t know the exact quote, but what sticks with me is the part that says, “Look at the Helpers.”

    The Archangel Michael is a bringer of Light, Peace, or Grace, which stands on the head of the snake of Passion or Kundalini during times of fear. When we send thoughts of happiness, wellness, and speedy recovery, we are not only helping those in the traumatic event but also ourselves. No one can send an energy that is not within themselves. (If you cannot bring yourself to do this, then by all means separate yourself from the event.)

    So when I see a tragedy, I always send blessings or Peace, happy thoughts, and good wishes. I have healed myself of the fear, and hopefully have sent a small measure of Peace or Grace to those who are suffering.


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