Princess Diana, Spain, and Me – Part 1

The following is Part 1 of my chronicles of my lifelong (so far) intuitive experiences with people in the public eye – celebrities, public figures. Today, I’m starting with the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

It was the summer of 1992. I was on my delayed honeymoon to the World Expo, Spain in May of that year. It was my first time in Spain – I have to say, a beautiful and yet interesting country that started as something extraordinarily foreign and ended as quite life-changing. I will never forget May 21, 1992, because that was the day I had the pleasure of being in the presence of (the then) HRH Princess Diana.

As we trekked through the British Pavilion at the Expo, somehow we got wind that the Princess and Prince Charles were going to visit. There was no idea of when, but suddenly I knew intuitively that I had to hang around no matter how long it took. Looking back, I think it was fate really, because after all, what is the chance that our first day in Spain, we stumble across a Princess? I mean, really! Luckily the wait was short, and I found myself behind a red velvet rope, with the anxiously awaiting press just in front. Minutes later, the Princess herself stepped out of quickly arriving bus, and with a hurried glance over in what looked in my direction – the press more likely, she hurried into the Pavilion. I later found out that she was there to honour the UK at this Expo.

princess-dianaAt the end of it, I watched her back on the bus, staring out the window. This time, she passed right by me – so close, I could have reached out and touched her. I recall looking at her face intently. Being an empath, I will far too often get impressions about another person. This Princess was an unhappy one. There was a such a wave of sadness, loneliness and a feeling of confinement, that passed over me, as I watched her stare out at the small mass of people that had gathered. Instantly, I had a flash of these two people (their Royal Highnesses) no longer being in a marriage. I felt her pain, her sadness, her wanting to be free. This was one truly unhappy lady, and my heart went out to her.

That wave of frustrations, loneliness and this feeling of being trapped and confined, came to fruition, when the Prince and Princess of Wales announced their separation of December of that same year. When I heard that, I felt such relief pass over me – I knew that this wonderful lady was much happier now.

My purpose for relating this is about the intuitive experience of it all. It’s about getting an impression of someone or something, and having it validated (or not) at a later date. It’s also about knowing how to trust when intuition gives you information and having faith around that. And last, it’s absolutely about understanding that just because that intuition is around someone who is in the public eye, doesn’t make it any more important or special than anyone else. It just enhances the experience even more.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Princess Diana, as I fast forward to 1997 and her impending death. I look forward to further sharing my experiences around that with you all.


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