12:21:12 – It’s Here!

12:21:12. There has been so much buildup of energy around this day, this time of the year. Many say it’s the end of the world, some are approaching this with fear, many are finding humour in this and waving it off as just another day.


This is the first day of the first chapter of your new book. What will you write?

Well here we go – it’s here – now. And the world did not come to an end as many have been worried about. My personal views are that the Mayans were never referring to the physical world coming to a complete halt, but in fact were referring to the ‘world’ as we know it to be changing and transforming. That includes one’s inner world probably more so than outer. And how true that is.

Look at our ‘world’ right now – thoughts, ideas, awarenesses – these are all so rapidly changing and shifting, sometimes I can hardly catch my breath observing it all. But it’s happening. And I know you can feel it within yourself too – a quickening, an awakening, is taking place. This, is the quickening of the spirit, and the awakening of the Divine energy inside each and every one of us.

Today more then ever than before, you have the ability to be aware that you have complete control and responsibility in how you choose to shift your thoughts in certain directions in order to manifest what experiences you choose to have. The reality is that you always did have this ability, however during this time of 12:21:12 the energy is so much more heightened due to the collective thoughts patterns around the globe, that now you get to see instantly the results of what you think and what energies you choose to bring in to your experiences.

Today – 12:21:12 – you can make the decision to change your ‘world’, you can choose to end your current ‘world’ view, release whatever has been holding you back from truly and fully living the life that you desire and are meant to be living. This can truly be the end of your world as you know, but by your hand, not someone elses. It can simutaneously be the beginning of a new world, a birth of the new you.

Understand also that this is new energy that has been ushered in, and much of it has been driven by you, and your desire to live in a new energetic space. In this new energy the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation quicken, so think your thoughts carefully, and choose your words wisely, because what you put out will truly attract back to you.

In this energy you are also being urged to step up and lead with your heart, and in doing so, allowing yourself shine your light and express the full potential of what and who you truly are.

In whatever form works for you, take a moment on this day 12:21:12, perhaps even at 12:21 your time, to send Love anywhere you feel directed to do so. Whether it’s connecting with someone that you haven’t spoken to for a while, telling them you love them or ask them how they are doing, or taking a moment to sit quietly in meditation or prayer to send a wave of Light around the globe.

The reason why this is so important is that your ultimate Life Purpose is to simply Love! That is why you are here, now, at this grand time, to witness this amazing transformation and shift, and be part of the birthing of this new energy which you helped create.

So congratulations! You made it here, now. Even if the chaos swirls around you, hold the energy of peace in your hear. Be steadfast like a sentinal carrying only the highest thoughts and feelings of Love, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Cooperation, and Happiness.

Welcome to the other side of the portal my friends.

Love and Blessings to you all, Olena

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