12:12:12 Message – Council of Light Beings

One day ago (12:11:12) I was nudged rather urgently to sit down and write this information. Please know that it is not often that I am kept awake until 3:00 am to receive information from spirit beings. However, given that 12:12:12 is now upon us and the energy is extremely heightened around this time, it was necessary to communicate this. This group, the Council of Light Beings, are a conglomeration of energies from the Pleadian, Sirian, and Andromedan star clusters. I have only received messages from them only twice before in the last 15 years, and I know that when they come, it is because there is something incredibly important to say. So I share this here with you all today. Note: except for spelling and grammar, this is unedited version. / Olena


You are all living in a time of great awakening. So much has been spoken about regarding this day. Many of you have spent much time generating so much energy thinking about what events would be surrounding this, as if some cataclysmic fearful thing were to occur. In fact this 12:12:12 is a sacred one, and the event is really YOU!

You dear ones are not only the propagators of the shift but you ARE the shift in awareness that has been building for some time now on the planet. This shift is really about transition. The 12:12 is nothing more than the celebration of a transition in awareness that has now occurred globally – on a very grand scale we might add. And the cataclysmic event is really about recognizing that once you have shifted into a broader level of awareness, you cannot return back. It is truly now about being turned inside out, moving through a one-way door of a shift in consciousness. And now more than ever before, the consciousness level has reached energy that does indeed result in what may feel like a cataclysmic event in your life. Think about this for a moment. Do you not feel like you are truly a different person from even six months ago, or even a year ago? Well you are, even if you may not realize it in a larger scale, but the changes are now evident more than ever. And on a more global scale, have your institutions not begun to crumble over the past few years, whether it be religious, government, political, or economical? Has there not been great upheaval with the past year, but along with it, did you notice the leap in consciousness change?

This transition is not something to fear however. We understand that fear may very well be evident as your world goes through this consciousness shift, because change to some can be felt as fear. Anything that which breaks down, breaks down before you know what will be in its place. And it is the unknown of what is to come in its place is what generates the fear.  In order though to change and move through a paradigm shift, there is an inherent requirement that beliefs, values, thoughts, structures, and views must break down. And the difficulty lies in letting go of what is breaking down. As humans it is habitual to want to hold on to what is secure, to what we know or think we know is safe and permanent. Of course, in order to make room for the new, the old must be removed.

Many of you have awakened already to your awarenesses about yourselves, especially the most important one–that YOU are own creator of your life, and your destiny in this world. It is YOU that holds, and has always held, the power to shape the way who you wish to be, what you want to do, and what you project out into this world. The Truth is that YOU always held that power, but only now, due to this transitional shift, you can fully see this and grasp it.

And now it is time to fully step into this place of awareness and use it to its fullest extent. The point that we wish to make is that in whatever fashion is necessary to let things go, this is the time – whether that includes letting go of lower energies of people that bring you down or drain your energy, thoughts that are no longer useful for you, beliefs that you hold in your heart and mind that may require evaluation and and an open mind to change. Anything that does not align with the ‘new you’ so to speak bears evaluation, and is a requirement to make this shift more easily. Equally, aligning and surrounding yourself with those who do share your consciousness and awarenesses is much more powerful as the combined synergy of many is what creates changes and can manifest desires on a larger scale.

What we especially want to say is this: You are now here and are holding the awareness of total free choice. And while this is a key that everyone has held within them, the difference is that you know it consciously now. And know that everything that you think, say, do, you can choose, and is what can allow you to live your life within a broader canvas. You are no longer a victim to any circumstance around you. What you speak, what you think, what you do, all becomes manifest. So the question now dear ones, that you need to ask yourselves is – what do I choose ? This is truly the most powerful tool that lies within all of you, and to consciously recognize that fully is definitely worthy of celebration. For in the awareness of choice, lies true power. This is what 12:12:12 is really about – the reclaiming of that power of choice.

Ground yourselves – take time to go out onto the Great Mother Earth and reconnect with her. For she as well evolves with you. Sit, stand, lie down, touch the earth, surround yourself in the trees, anything that will help you feel that heart connection once again Gaia. For she is as much a part of you as you are a part of her. Keep your intentions clear. Open your minds and heart to what you choose and desire, and wish to manifest. As your globe is in time of great acceleration of awareness, what you think and feel will be created that much faster now. Therefore, be consciously aware of what is it that you wish, and how you wish to be.

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to communicate with you today. In great Love and Light, Namaste./


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