Angels, Guides, and Spirits – Part 1

One of the most common questions that I get asked when I do a reading for people, is “Who do you channel?” My answer has always been the same for many many years – whoever needs to speak and come through to give the pertinent information, whether it’s your guardian angels, groups of angels, spirit guides, or your recently departed grandmother.

I confess I’ve never been a specialist. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried to only channel angelic messages, or done medium work, global energy shifts, planetary predictions, but nothing has ever made me feel more at home than being a messenger of customization. In other words, messages and information are not only naturally customized for the unique individual but … mainly that the information comes from spirit sources that will be different for everyone. It took a long time to come to terms that it was perfectly acceptable to have access to a wide array of spirit beings. Among them, angels, spirit guides, and yes, our loving relatives and friends at Home in spirit were among them.

The next most common question however is, just what is the difference between all these so-called spirits, and how can I differentiate between them all? Well let’s start with the basic premise that whether you call them angels, guides, or spirits, they are all in effect messengers.

Angels: The word angel actually comes from the Greek word for messenger. They are divine beings that are here to assist us human beings on our Earth journey. After all, we didn’t get dropped onto this planet alone to fend for ourselves. The human race has always had these ‘invisible’ helpers walking with us on our journeys, with some angels specifically being with us from the minute we are born (Guardian Angels), and others there when we are ready to leave (Transition Angels). And some angels show up when there is a life crisis (Crisis Angels), such as emergencies, when we are going through a particularly difficult lesson to learn (Life Purpose or Life Lesson Angels), or need protection (Protector Angels). Unlike other guides in spirit, angels usually have never incarnated, that is being in body and lived a human life.

Guides: While angels do help and guide us while we are here, what we term as spirit guide, typically refers to entities that once were embodied as human, moved onto Spirit, and have primarily have spiritually evolved and chosen paths of service that are much closer in line with what we as humans go through in life. Spirit guides can range from a loving relative (although much rarer), to saints. I definitely had beings such Mother Mary, St. Francis of Assisi, and other well known figures from past history show up. Guides typically are with you to oversee your life, help you with specific challenges or aspects such as helping you move forward in your life purpose, assisting in education, jobs, etc.. Basically they are there for more of the everyday human things that we experience.

Spirits: While this is typically used as a catch-all term for nameless disembodied entities, I use this term here to refer to people who have passed on or gone Home to spirit, such your lovely Aunt Rose or Uncle John. While your loved ones are around and can come forward with messages for you, it is important to distinguish them from actual guides. I have heard from so many people who will often say that they just know that their mom is around watching over them and guiding them, or that they feel like their father in spirit is helping them with something that is going on with their life. While that is perfectly true – our loved ones do keep tabs on how we are fairing here, but they are not guides in that they have a particularly path of service to ‘give back’. Spirit guides by the way, can also be in the form of animals – totems are often guides in animal form.

There are truly a myriad of spirit beings out there. And I know what you’re wondering – how do you know if you’re connecting with an angel, guide, or otherwise? Well, the big distinguisher of them all is that each of one these groups vibrates on a different level.  And as a result, they all ‘feel’ and come through in their own unique way. In the next installment, I will talk about how to distinguish them all vibrationally, how to recognize them, and how to call on or communicate with them.

For now, I’m leaving you with a flavour of what vast numbers and types of spirits are all around you, and second, that you can absolutely connect with anybody, anytime, just ask. I’ll discuss the specifics of ‘asking’ in the Part 2. Stay tuned.

Cheers, Olena/

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