Chakras – Your Personal Energy Wheels

While I’ve talked a little about energy so far in my posts, including auras, I want to continue this line by looking at chakras. I’m sure all of us at some point have heard of this, but do we really understand what it means, or what we can do with them? Let’s look at that.

While the concept of auras is considered to be very broadband, the chakras are within the auric field, and are concentrated energy centers that co-relate with the surrounding layers of the aura.  The Chakra System originated within the yoga traditions of India, approximately 500-1000 AD.  “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word, describing swirling, cone-shaped vortices that run along the energy field of the spinal cord in the human body, usually up and down. This flow of energy from the base of the spine is called kundalini energy. Healing or exercise modalities such as Kundalini yoga utilizes this way of tapping into that chakra energy.

There are thousands of chakra points throughout the body, but the traditional chakra template has seven main energy centers from the base of the spinal cord to the top of the head or crown. Each chakra relates to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects in addition to carrying specific colors, sound frequencies, and elements as follows:

Chakra1 (Root): Located around the tailbone of the spine. Resonates to the color Red and musical note C. Its element is Earth. This center is about our connect to the Earth, our physical identity, grounding, survival, including health, prosperity, and well-being.

Chakra2 (Sacral-Spleen): Located around the navel, including abdomen and sexual organs. Resonates to the color Orange and musical note D. Its element is Water. This center it about self-gratification, desire, flexibility, and fluidity in life.

Chakra3 (Solar Plexus): Located at the solar plexus (just above the navel-below the ribs). Resonates to the color Yellow and musical note E. Its element is Fire. Here this center is about personal power, and will, including ruling digestion and metabolism.

Chakra4 (Heart): Located around the mid-sternum / heart area. Resonates to the colors Green/Pink and musical note F. Its element is Air. This chakra is the love chakra. It helps integrate the Love that you are, and connects mind and body. It allows us to feel deeply with compassion, grace, and non-judgment.

Chakra5 (Throat): Located in the middle of the throat area. Resonates to the color Blue and musical note G. Its Element is Ether or Sound. This chakra is all about communication and creativity, and especially allowing to speak Truth from the heart. This center also is the stream where sound vibration (through words), can be expressed.

Chakra6 (Third Eye): Located in between the two brows of the forehead. Resonates to the color Indigo-Violet and musical note A. It’s element is Light. This is the intuitive center of ‘seeing’, including the physical. This is the opening of our psychic vision, and seeing deeply into ourselves and beyond. For the record, when people mention clairvoyant, this is the chakra that is usually connected with it.

Chakra7 (Crown): Located at the vertex or crown of the head. Resonates to the color Purple-White and musical note B. Its element is Cosmos or Universal Thought. Just like the root chakra is our connection to the earth, the crown chakra is our connection to the Universal Mind. This center relates to consciousness and awareness as a whole, wisdom, and the all-knowing, greater aspects of you.

You may wonder now what could you do with this, now that you know some of this information. Chakras have been used in many ways to expand consciousness and awareness, find a deeper sense of peace, to work through stuck issues or problems, or to simply learn about yourself more in depth. Whether its visualization through meditation, yoga, sound, each chakra can be used a focal tool to assist you where you need it.

In future posts I will be attaching short video meditations and exercises to help you with energy chakra level. In the meantime, you can try working with these yourself, simply by visualizing or feeling each area of your body, along with its appropriate color and focusing on each, one at a time. Take note of what you experience, and don’t get hung up on the idea that you should be experiencing something profound right from the get go. Be patient, and practice. In the end, I guarantee you will simply feel better overall, just by doing such a peaceful exercise.

Cheers, Olena

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