Psychic Basics 101: The Four Cornerstones

As I’ve talked about in previous posts, we are all intuitive. We all possess the ability to receive intuitive information and tap and connect into that larger or higher Self. As children, we are wide open as clams. In other words, children use this ability profusely because it is second nature. They know deep down that it is a natural part of their being. As we get older, and become more infused with the conditions of physical existence, complete with logic, reasoning, and a lot of left brain work, those abilities tend to fade … UNLESS … like an underworked muscle, it gets strengthened through practice.

There are four main abilities that allow you to receive and streamline intuitive information, and usually one or two of those that you primarily work with on a constant basis.

  • Clairvoyance: sometimes referred to as ‘clear seeing’ this is the ability that in my opinion gets the bad rap – it tends to be the catch-all term for all things psychic. In reality, it is the most known, but the least common ability that is used in its full entirety. This sense involves being able to utilize the third eye or naked eye and being able to physically ‘see’ spirits, angels, colours, visions, remote viewing, or even seeing things motion like running a movie through the visual field. The difference between imagination and clairvoyance is that what you are seeing is not coming from you – it is ‘inside’ your mind, but the information feels like its coming through you.
  • Clairaudience: the sense of ‘clear hearing’, this is the sense of hearing things either outside of you such as voice in clear sentences, or more commonly inside you head. Typically things that are heard are music or sounds, or just the inner-voice communicating with you. Just like clairvoyance, the distinction between the random voice in the head (as we all have that – it’s called ego-voice), and the inner-voice is that information feels like it’s coming from a place other than you, or through you. Seasoned clairaudient people will recognize information coming in on certain sides of their head – for example the non-dominant side or ear being the receiver, or sometimes through the vertex or crown
  • Clairsentience: perhaps the most common ability, this is the sense of ‘clear feeling’. Here people usually receive information on an emotional level, and it can be through physical sensations, as in empathy, or sensing energy simply emotionally. This can include picking up energy off of physical illness, energy of surroundings. The challenge with this sense, is not take on emotions on the physical level – in other words, not absorbing someone else’ s pain or feeling that they are experiencing on a physical or emotional level.  If you have ever been in a situation where you are surrounded by something negative or someone who is venting, and then realize later on that you too feel irritated? That is because that feeling energy has now be taken on by you. And it’s important to ensure that although you are receiver of information, you are not the retainer of it.
  • Claircognizence: this is the sense of ‘clear knowing’. This is often referred to as the clair with the lightbulb. Information received in this way often arrives like that flash of the lightbulb going off, seeming out of knowhere (note: k was left in on purpose). It will also arrive at the speed of light, like the answer arriving to a question before you even finish verbalizing it. Information here may feel like either a top-down approach, like downloading through the top of your head, or the bottom-up approach, which may feel like it’s bubbling up from with you.

There are less common clairs as well such Clairgustation (tasting) and Clairalience (smell). These are not heard usually but do exist and are used. I’m definitely one of them.

You may be wondering by reading all of these, where you fit in. The clairs are like your car – there are typically four cylinder but only revs up first, with the rest to follow. Everybody possesses all of these streams, but there will be one dominant one that comes through first. Once you have figured this out, you can then understand which clair ‘muscle’ you need to exercise and practice.

So, what do you think is your strongest ‘clair’? What is your main stream of intuitive information? I’d love to hear from you.

Cheers /Olena

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2 comments on “Psychic Basics 101: The Four Cornerstones

  1. Hi Olena,

    Thank you for this explanation! I have long known that everyone is intuitive, but I have not heard this clear explanation of these subdivisions before.

    I used to live solely based on my ego, but then a few years back my intutive forces finally kicked in in an amount that was necessary for me to finally start taking them seriously and really start listening.

    I believe that for me clairsentience has always been so dominant that even in my ego-based phase of life I had this stream of intuition working in full mode. I just didn’t listen to it, because ego and logic came first for me. Also, I was taught (by others in the ego-based mentality) that feelings are not important, only money etc is important. So I just didn’t know that it was even allowed to “listen” to your feelings.

    Since I left the ego-based life behind, my claircognizense abilities first started evolving and then clairaudience abilities. I now have a pretty clear stream of intuitive information coming in through all these three clairs.

    I think I’m still not connected to clairvoyance streams though. Although I have seen many dreams during the past years that have come true. Does this also classify as clairvoyance or is the dream realm a different source of intuitive information?

    Thank you again for this wonderful explanation! 🙂

    Much love and many blessings!


  2. Hi Eva,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes, it’s incredible how much we block out due to ego and societal conditioning. And we are always connected to all streams. The only thing is that one of the stream comes through more prevalently at any given time. That doesn’t mean that you’re disconnected from the rest. Dreams are absolutely part of clairvoyance. The dream realm is absolutely a source of intuitive information. Writing down your dreams, whether it’s snippets or otherwise, is often helpful as it does give us insight into what is coming through once the ego/logical part of us is out of the way. Hope that helps.
    Again, thanks for reading and following!


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