Your Aura – Your Friend

I want to start talking about the basics. You know, the real foundational stuff behind feeling and ‘seeing’ energy and the like. I’ve talked a lot in previous posts about being psychic or intuitive, how everyone has this ability, but the reality is that there is still a lot of cloudiness around how we can notice it, identify it, and put some sort of tangibility on it. Of all the comments, questions, and concerns that I’ve ever had in my years of teaching psychic development, doing readings, or writing my book, the number one questions is always – how do I learn to recognize my own or someone else’s energy? Well let’s talk about that –  let’s start with the aura.

Everyone has experienced feeling an aura on some level before. How many times have you stood in front of a person like let’s say a grocery lineup and either you or they backed off slightly, leaving a certain amount of space between you? That is because of the aura or energy field that surround each of you, defining your personal space. In short, your aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds, penetrates, and emanates from all beings and living things. It has many layers, some stretching as far as twenty feet or more in all directions. Different colours are associated with many parts or layers of the aura–technology as as Kirlian photograph has captured auras on film. Layers of the aura are associated with different vibrations, with each layer carrying information about the person.

There are at least four main layers to a human aura. The first or primary is the closest to the body, practically hugging and surrounding you. This is often referred to as the physical layers as it contains information that most related to anything in the material third dimensional world such as your job, relationships, and so forth. The second layer that extends beyond the first, is the mental layer. This one speaks for itself – it holds your thoughts, thought patterns, beliefs and values that you hold onto, including one’s that you have created in this life, and every thought program that you have carried with you coming into it as well. The third layer is the emotional layer. Just like the mental layer, this is where we hold our all our feelings, and any patterns surrounding this. This layer is often the most difficult to access and differentiate, for two reasons, it is perceived has having different shapes embedded in it, and second, emotional patterns that are held here, are often rooted so deeply that here the information can get blurred and confusing, especially when you are close to another person. Finally, the fourth layer is the dubbed the spiritual layer. This is the ‘big picture’ layer. Your purpose in life, past life, lessons, life challenges, learning and experiences, are all stored here.

So how can you start to feel the aura? I will state here that it is common for people to identify an aura by ‘seeing’, however, in reality, you can use any other senses to do this. The fastest way to start feeling this energetic space around something is to start with you. Rub your hands together as quickly as possible. If you feel heat, this is your energy emanating. Now move your palms away from each other slightly, and then slowly bring them back closer together. Play with this. Notice any sensations, such as tingling, pins and needles, heat, cold, etc. These are responses that you are getting when you feel your own energetic space.

Once you feel comfortable, you can move on to another person. Stand directly next to another person, it doesn’t matter whether it’s behind or in front. Start by placing both hands on other side of their head or upper body, about 3-4 inches away from either side. Just like your own energy experiment, allow yourself to feel what the other person’s energy feels like. Is it hot or cold? Do your hands tingle? Do you feel movement? How far does this energy extend? Does it have colour? Does it have an edge? Is there a picture that comes into your mind? Now extend your hands out further by another 6 inches. Repeat. Keep doing this every few feet away from the person. Each time, allow yourself to notice the any impressions that you may receive. Note anything that you feel. Every speck of ‘information’ is important.

Congratulations! You have just done your first energetic ‘reading’ so to speak. Even if you don’t get specific information per se, noticing what energy feels like, whether it’s your own or someone else’s is a crucial cornerstone in building up to the next level.

I will discuss how to read energy more specifically in future posts. For now, keep in mind that practice really does make perfect. Exercising your psychic muscle is just as important as exercising your physical body. Make your aura your best friend!



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