Tools for Spiritual Connection: Aromatherapy

When we think of spirituality, we can think of many ways to define it in our personal lives. We can see it as “tuning in” to the forces around us, experiencing higher consciousness and expressing it, meditation, or even praying to a “God” within or high up. Perhaps it is as simple as going for a walk in the forest and connecting with animals and nature, or even being in solitude  in a candlelit bubble bath, listening to soothing music. However we define spirituality  we must become aware of one important aspect that is ever so pervasive in these accelerated times: we are spiritual beings first and foremost. Moreover, we are spiritual beings in human suits, having multitudes of experiences which allow for learning and growth, and ultimately expansion of awareness and consciousness. Now more than ever, we are being called inwardly to tap into the vast spiritual-ness of who we truly are, and to express that through the experiences that we choose on a daily basis.

Look around you. Everything surrounding you vibrates, whether it is solid, fluid or otherwise. And yes, even inanimate objects vibrate, just at a different level than others, but nevertheless are composed of energy. Us humans as well. Everything about us is vibration. Our senses are especially attuned to those vibrations. We all know for example, that sound (ie our hearing) is vibration. So to are all our other senses, ones that often get overlooked or taken for granted. Our sense of smell is one of them.

I want to particularly address this special sense called smell, as it can be an important tool in tapping into and recognizing our expansive spiritual self. We are bombarded by smells on a consistent basis. In fact, we are very much governed  by it. If we couldn’t smell, we wouldn’t be able to experience the same feelings associated with every inhalation. Smell is directly connected to parts of our bodies that make us feel happy, sad, irritated, angry, peaceful, and so forth. It is also connected to the brain, invoking past memories, feelings, and pictures of previous experiences in our lives. Smell, and in particular specific scents, can also very quickly change a negative mood into a more positive one.

I’ve used aromatherapy in my practice and personally for many years, as it can be a powerful influence in healing, dealing with emotional or physical issues, and even spirituality. In fact, there are many smells, and specifically essential oils and aromas that are geared towards triggering the notion to “go within” and even experience higher states of consciousness. Think of moments in the warm summer months, when you step outside and smell the roses in the garden, or perhaps fragrant herbs such as oregano or mint. Imagine how that makes you feel when you consciously connect with those fragrances. Most definitely, inhaling certain scents such as frankincense, lavender, rose, ylang ylang, or linden blossom, are pertinent to assisting in making that spiritual connection, whether through direct application in body massage, bath, permeating in a room, during a meditation or just through a summer night’s breeze.

Even if you are a person who doesn’t consider yourself to be ‘spiritual’, understand that you possess many tools to help you tap into inner self, with smell being one of the direct routes. And you can utilize it to many degrees, even if you use aromatherapy or aromas to relax and unwind, or in a more deliberate focused setting such as meditative practice.

We already possess the tools necessary to make that mind-body-spirit connection. In fact, you could say that we possess the good ‘senses’ for it. More and more, conscious smelling helps put you in touch with who you truly are – a spiritual being having a human experience. So, take a moment to smell your roses, and simply BE!

Cheers / Olena

This is Part One in a series on Tools for Spirituality. Stay tuned for future posts where we will focus on other tools to assist you in tapping and opening the door to your inner spirit.

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