Woo-Woo is Wonderful!

I was listening to someone speak at an event yesterday who was taking about how far the revealing of spiritualist intuition, psychic ability, or whatever you wish to call it, has evolved. In the mid-eighties people were at a place where if you were psychic or intuitive you wouldn’t necessarily proclaim it publicly; instead it was a more hush-hush approach, the ‘do you do this too?’ whispering quietly. Otherwise, you just considered to be woo-woo, and maybe a bit crazy. In the nineties this started to emerge and gain energy, with people stepping out of the proverbial closet so to speak, culminating in the turn of the millennium where media and now, social media has essentially allowed psychic-ness and every topic associated with it to essentially explode into the public foray. We don’t have to whisper behind our hands anymore, wondering if we are going to be flogged for admitting that we’re psychic. Now, it is far more accepting than even 20 short years ago. My how far we have come in such a short time! Frankly, I am thrilled to be alive at this time to witness this shift. And undoubtedly there is more to come.

With that in mind, I want to start with a very simple concept that underlies all things considered woo-woo. You are born psychic. You are born intuitive. This is your birthright. It is your inherent right and natural tool that you come possessed with to this planet when you arrive. I cannot stress this enough. I’ve had a a lot of people tell me that they couldn’t be intuitive just because they do not do this sort of work. Well I’m here to reiterate this as many times as possible, that being intuitive does not necessarily translate to doing it as a vocation. And just because one person does it as a vocation, does not make them special and exclusive. You can still be the garbageman, the mailman, the executive, the lawyer, the stay-at-home mom, and never do anything around intuitiveness as a career, but guaranteed, you will still be psychic, whether you are aware of it or not.

So here’s the deal – Accept it. Embrace it. Love it. For it is uniquely yours to choose to use, and use in different ways. Vocation is irrelevant. But you possess the tools within you to use as you see fit. Intuition is your sixth-sense. You can call it your ‘knowing’, your ‘feeling’, or something other verb of your choosing. Either way, in order to be able to step up and live a full, loving and accepting life, accept that sixth-sense as the first and primary sense that you carry. In other words, put that intuition at the top of your sensory list, and make IT the go-to sense that you utilize ALL THE TIME. Just like whales have sonar, dogs have instinct, you have intuitive sense. And it is integral to understand that this is your communication line to the Universe of which you came from – your phone line, your ‘inner net’.

So for today, I want to send a simple message: allow your woo-woo to be the wonderful that it is desperately wanting you to accept. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “My woo-woo is wonderful!” And even if you don’t believe it, keep doing it – fake it until you make it. That energy will over time shift itself within you.

Happy woo-woo-ing!

In spirit, Olena


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2 comments on “Woo-Woo is Wonderful!

  1. What a great post, thanks for sharing. I wish there were a way to turn-it-on, so to speak. I think sometimes (ok, not sometimes. All the time.) that I have the ability… but I just get scared. I think until I figure out how not to be scared, I will continue to have it “turned off”. LOL. Not sure if that made any sense at all, but maybe you know what I mean. 🙂 Regardless, I enjoyed your post and look forward to peeking around at more that you have to say!


  2. Thanks hiddenblessing, fear is definitely a real issue for many people. It’s important to identify what that fear really is as it usually never about one’s ability itself, but rather about what you could discover, or what others may think of you, or feeling of lack of control over it, etc. This is definitely something I plan to address in future posts, so thanks for bringing that up. And in the meantime, you will never really ‘turn it off’, however you can block it by your fears and thoughts around it. Thanks for the follow and stay tuned for more posts.


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