Welcome to IndigoCrystalCoach™

Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog. After much deliberation and so many questions and themes emerging from my inner and higher guidance, Facebook pages, clients, and emails , I decided to start a separate blog and talk about many of the issues that people are curious, have posed questions on, have deliberated for a while – you get the drift. Furthermore, in addition to being that conduit of spirit that I have been since I could crawl, my biggest passion has always been about education and empowering oneself to open up your own channels to your very own conduit. In that, that books that I write, and now the blogs that I post, it is my desire to continue that information education as we migrate through the vast world of social media.

This blog will cover an eclectic array of information, ranging from intuitive and spiritual development, guides and angels, posts on global shift, how to operate a spiritual business, the Afterlife and mediumship, to video card spirit messages, and even quotes and images that can simply and energetically raise your day. And I’m pretty sure that there will be more that hasn’t crossed my mind in the moment. Anything that I post however, I sit in 100% guidance of what is necessary to put out in the moment, no more, no less. Eventually some of it will also become the basis of my next books as well.

A little about the IndigoCrystalCoach™. In truth, IndigoCrystalCoach™ has been over 40 years in the making, however 2002 was by my experiential count, the 20th anniversary of my ‘stepping out’ and embracing everything that I do, and in a more public way. I started doing readings for people, and eventually evolved into education around spiritual development, coaching, and writing books. Rest assured, the evolution continues. I can’t wait to see where spirit takes me next.

It is my wish that through this blog, you may discover some information, make connections with your spirit guides, learn something new, be inspired, learning how to make empowered choices, and so on. Enjoy your journey here.

Cheers, Olena

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